5 Reasons Why Messy Play Is Important and Benefits Children

28 November 2017

Many parents are put off by messy play, as although the idea of finger painting or crafts sounds fun at first, the reality of paint, glue and glitter getting everywhere and the inevitable operation clean up that follows it soon sets in. However, many studies have shown that messy play is one of the best ways for our children to learn and develop, so now is the time to embrace it and get messy!
Here at Schoolhouse Daycare, we encourage our children to engage in messy and sensory play as much as possible as the many benefits are worth it. Plus,

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How to Keep Your Children Safe in the Sun

22 September 2017

Did you know that around 80% of our lifetime sun exposure occurs during our childhood? It’s true. The Skin Cancer Foundation has done numerous studies and has also found that just one blistering sunburn could double our risks of getting melanoma in later life.
So, with the effects of sun burn becoming more known and the fact that we have been getting some really hot days this summer, there has never been a more important time to make sure that sun protection is a top priority for us and our children.
To help you keep your children safe in the sun, here

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10 Things to Do with Your Children Over the Summer Holidays

4 September 2017

Keeping the kids occupied over the summer is always a feat, with so many weeks stretching ahead of you and the time, exercise and expense of it all. Even the most adventurous parents can struggle with keeping them occupied.
While the summer as a whole is a bundle of fun, the prospect of school starting again is a welcome respite for us all. So, with school starting again soon, we have put together a list of fun and inexpensive things to do with your children over the summer holidays to keep the whole family entertained! You can make it till the

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Awarded Top 10 Recommended Nursery in the UK

21 March 2017

We are very honoured to announce that Schoolhouse Daycare Ltd have been awarded the title of Top 10 Recommended Mid-size Nursery Groups 2017 in the UK.  This award means a lot to us here as this is based on reviews that have been submitted by our parents.
In addition to this very prestigious title, we have also been awarded the title of  Top 10 Recommended Nurseries Wales 2017 for both our DVLA and Little Schoolhouse Daycare nurseries too.
We would like to thank our parents who have taken the time to review all of our nurseries and also to the

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Little Schoolhouse Day Nursery, Tycroes Ammanford

24 September 2015

Little Schoolhouse Day Nursery – Tycroes, Ammanford
A warm welcome awaits you at our Little Schoolhouse Day Nursery. Please call Susan on tel: 01269 596 255 or email: little@schoolhouse-daycare.co.uk for more information.
Situated within the small village of Tycroes, Ammanford we have specially designed and dedicated rooms to stimulate, develop and inspire your children. As the name suggests, we are a small nursery providing care for only  18 children per day which means we really are a ‘home from home’ environment. Our outdoor area is spacious offering all ages the chance to explore, plant, build and play.

Childcare available Monday to Friday 7.30am

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Sibling Squabbles – What can parents do?

24 September 2014

Why do siblings fight?
Children fight for many reasons; control over personal space and belongings, lack of social experience, need for attention, trying out new roles, boredom, and just for fun! Where there is more than one child in a family, and any two of the children are closer in age than 6 years, there’s bound to be conflict of some degree between them. Sibling fighting, like marital arguments, is simply inevitable and just as normal. Young children battle it out by pushing and hitting. Older kids shout.  The bickering can often make you feel like bad parents—particularly when it

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22 August 2014

Bringing manners to you…..
Good manners and social skills are not just for special occasions.  They are a way of life!  From first impressions to table manners and beyond, this article will help you to make the basics of politeness simple and enjoyable for you and your child!
Developing social skills truly does start at home.  Young children will use manners with family and friends, at nursery or school, restaurants, parties and whilst out and about.  The three principles of good manners; consideration, honesty and respect – are timeless.  It is important that you lead by example.  Children don’t come into the

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