Welcome to Schoolhouse Daycare Nurseries

“Every family is individual; every child is special”

At Schoolhouse we share a commitment to nurturing all children in our care, encouraging confidence, inspiring creativity, stimulating curiosity… and making life just that little bit easier for your family.


Who are we?

Choosing childcare is one of the biggest decisions parents have to make. We like to think a visit to any one of our six Schoolhouse day nurseries will put your mind at rest. You’ll see plentiful play opportunities, experience a bright and safe environment, chat to dedicated and enthusiastic staff… and more importantly, meet lots of confident, independent, happy little people!

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Vision & Values

At the heart of Schoolhouse are 5 core principles which reflect all that we do.
Nurture – Children will be cherished with love and care in a happy, supportive and safe environment where everyone is made to feel special. Inspire – Play equipment, toys and learning materials will be chosen for their creative and educational benefits while outdoor play-areas will be designed to…

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Recent Blogs

  • risky play

    How to let your child engage in risky play (without having a heart attack)

    June 10, 2024

    Learning to assess hazards and understand risks in life is a normal part of an adult’s every day – but how did we learn to do this – and how can we teach our children to do the same?
    Taking risks and learning from them is an inevitable and important part of growing up. And as parents or carers, it is our responsibility to encourage healthy risk-taking behaviour. By understanding different types of such behaviour and the motivation behind them, you can set children up for success and reduce their risk of harm in future life.
    Here´s our essential guide to risky

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  • make a child feel safe

    Why is it important for a child to feel safe?

    June 5, 2024

    Why is it important for a child to feel safe?
    Since it´s Child Safety Week, we thought this was an important question to answer.
    At Schoolhouse Daycare, we are committed to child safety and ensuring that every child feels secure and nurtured in our environment. After all, this is key to helping them learn and grow confidently, and for the healthy development of their young minds.
    If you want to know more about how to make a child feel safe and why this is so important, read on.
    The importance of feeling safe and valued
    Feeling safe and valued is essential for a child’s development.

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  • things to do with baby

    Fascinating facts about children’s brains during the Early years

    May 10, 2024

    Have you ever considered the miraculous journey of a child’s brain development during the early years? This period, teeming with growth and transformation, is a marvel to behold. To explore this intricate process in more depth, here are 6 fascinating facts you may not know about your child´s brain development.
    #1 – The majority of brain growth happens in the first 5 years.
    A fact that might surprise you is that a newborn’s brain, though only about a quarter of an adult’s in size, expands to almost 90% of adult size by age five. And that’s just the start.
    In the early years,

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  • The brain science of play

    May 5, 2024

    Ever wondered why play is so important for children?
    In this article, we explore why this is, particularly the science behind play and how it helps the young brain develop.
    From brain development and emotional resilience to its essential role in healthy human growth, here is why play is so crucial and what you can do as parents to support and encourage this development.
    The neurological foundations of play
    Play is vital for brain development, quickly establishing complex neural networks in babies that form the basis for their future cognitive, emotional, and physical growth. Infants strengthen these connections by exploring their surroundings and interacting

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  • spring activities for kids

    Springtime learning and development: the benefits and 6 spring activities for kids

    April 10, 2024

    Spring is in the air! This means it´s the perfect time to get our children outside, learning and engaging in spring activities that nurture their physical well-being.
    Need help with some ideas? Here´s why spring activities are so important along with our top ideas to help with your child´s learning and development.
    The benefits of outdoor learning in spring
    Outdoor play is so important for children as they grow – here´s why:

    Enhanced physical development: Spring activities encourage children to be active, improving their physical strength, coordination, and overall fitness.
    Stimulated curiosity and exploration: The vibrant spring environment, with its new life

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Our Nurseries

A Special Journey

As parents, we understand how important it is to choose the right day-care provider for your child. We know how hard the decision is to leave your child for the first time and, for some, how difficult the return to work can be.


  • "Alfie has attended the crèche since he was 10 months old, I can honestly say he has enjoyed every day. From the baby room, to the toddler room he is now in, he has clearly been well looked after. All staff we have dealt with are child focused, attentive and friendly and clearly work hard with the children, as Alfie has come home singing many new songs (always with a dance to go with it!!), nursery rhymes, numbers, letters, colours and much more. Parents evenings have been informative and give a good insight into what the children get up to every day. Foodwise, the crèche have been accommodating with food allergies, and the variety and quality of food the children experience is excellent. Alfie has experienced many different foods, and whilst he hasn’t liked them all, we consider it a great way for trying out new tastes and flavours. Alfie goes in smiling and comes home smiling, as parents we couldn’t ask for more." – Sally Abel (NPT)
  • "The girls at the nursery a fab, really flexible and helpful. My children have come on so much from the interaction with the other children. The memory books are awesome too, a wonderful keepsake for the future."
    – Vicky Sloan (NPT)
  • "We are very happy with the care that our daughter gets at Schoolhouse. The staff are all very caring and she has really developed social skills being at the nursery."
    – Sian Richards, daughter Erin Richards (Bridgend)
  • "We have been very happy with the care of all three of our children. Staff are always accommodating to needs and routine." – Sian & Will Havelock, son Rohan Havelock (Bridgend)
  • "The helpful and friendly staff did a fantastic job of putting two nervous parents at ease.  There are plenty of activities for the children and good inclusive feedback is given at the end of each day.  The staff are enthusiastic and enjoy what they do, so you feel your child is their number one priority.  This also creates a great atmosphere for children to be in. Couldn't recommend enough."
    – Claire and Roz (Singleton)
  • "Very friendly staff, feel very happy to leave my daughter in their capable hands.  Great home made food, balanced meals.  Lovely homely nursery"
    - Rhian Davies (Carmarthen)
  • "Lovely homely creche, all staff are welcoming and friendly.  Great home made food. All-round a great crèche!" – Elen Davies (Carmarthen)
  • "Amelie is a different child to before she started at nursery, and I know that this is because of the routine, care and attention she gets." – Maeve Brisk (Singleton Swansea)
  • "Dear all, many thanks for taking excellent care of me and teaching me many things including English! I have had a great time in nursery but now I am going to school. I will come back to the holiday club soon! Lots of love." – Rebecca Del Sol Gonzalez (singleton Swansea)
  • "To all the girls in Tweenies, thank you so much for looking after Oscar so well. He had a bad experience at his first nursery so it is amazing that he settled in so quickly with you all at Singleton. This is a testament to how caring and friendly you all are. Thank you so much for all your hard work. He seems to be loving it in the Toddlers section but I'm sure he is missing you all very much! Best Wishes." – Holly, Mark and Oscar Bowtell (Singleton Swansea)