5 Benefits of Sharing A Family Meal

1 June 2022

With everyone juggling such busy schedules, sharing a family meal can seem like a rare luxury these days.
But what if we told you that family mealtimes could greatly benefit your child’s development? Would you still reserve them for special occasions?
Here are 5 benefits of sharing a family meal to make you reconsider makeshift mealtimes:
1. Better communication skills
Family meals are the perfect opportunity for children to practice their communication skills. Sitting around the dinner table, asking questions and listening to one another teaches your children how to retell stories, express their emotions and develop their vocabulary.
Mealtimes are also an ideal opportunity

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How Young Children Can Help in the Kitchen

As adults, cooking is a part of our everyday lives – so it only makes sense to get our children involved in the kitchen. After all, we’ve all got to eat! So we may as well make some memories in the process! To show you how young children can help in the kitchen, we’ve put together a list of simple tasks and techniques for you to try based on your child’s age and abilities.
So, without further ado, let’s dig in:
0-18 months
Although your infant may not be old enough to participate in the cooking process, there’s plenty you can do to make

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Creating a Daily Routine For Toddlers At Nursery

2 May 2022

As adults, we’re often told that having a daily routine can improve our productivity and wellbeing. But what about our children? Would they benefit from a daily routine? And if so, how do we go about creating one?
If you’re not sure where to start, don’t panic! Here’s all you need to know about creating a daily routine for toddlers:
Why is routine so important?
Creating a daily routine for toddlers isn’t easy. It requires patience, consistency and a lot of trial and error. Yet, despite its many challenges, a well-established daily routine can be incredibly beneficial to your child’s development and wellbeing.

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Why Join a Schoolhouse Day Nursery?

1 May 2022

We at Schoolhouse Daycare are so proud of our community. We love nurturing our children, supporting their families and creating a fun-filled environment for all! But what is it that makes our Schoolhouse Day Nursery so unique?
Throughout this article, we will explore all you need to know about our nursery – from our accolades and achievements to our values and reviews.
So, without further ado, here’s an exclusive insight into our Schoolhouse Day Nursery:
Who are we?
Here at our Schoolhouse Day Nursery, we care for children of all ages by delivering fun daily activities and deliciously nutritious home-cooked meals. We also work

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How to Teach Your Child about Charity

7 April 2022

Supporting charities is a great way to help those less fortunate than ourselves. With so many valuable skills to develop (like generosity, selflessness and gratitude), partaking in charity work can be a great learning experience for the whole family. But what about your young children?
If you‘re wondering how to teach your child about charity, here are 5 fun ideas to spark their interest:
1. Discuss what charity means
When we search the definition of charity, Oxford Languages provides us with two definitions:

‘an organisation set up to provide help and raise money for those in need.’
‘the voluntary giving of help, typically in

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Our Snowdon challenge: how this fundraising event has made a difference to our Schoolhouse Team

1 April 2022

On April 30th 2022, eleven of our lovely SchoolHouse employees are climbing Mount Snowdon to raise money for ‘Talking Hands’.
‘Talking Hands’ is a charity that supports deaf children and their families by delivering activities and hosting events across Wales. Our goal is to raise enough money to supply their Rhymes and signs Mother and Toddler Group with lots of new BLS books and toys (along with other helpful resources).
Why we chose ‘Talking Hands’ as our Charity of the Year
At the heart of Schoolhouse are 5 Core values: Nurture, Inspire, Enjoy, Encourage and Learn.
These values are at the centre of all

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Tips and Tricks for Helping Your Little One Through Their Teething Journey

16 March 2022

As a parent, you can often feel powerless during a teething phase. After all, a teething baby can be difficult to console. So what can you do to help?
We’ve outlined some helpful tips and tricks to support you and your child through their teething phase. Everything from what symptoms to expect, how long the teething phase should last and, most importantly, what you can do to help. So without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about teething:
What to expect
Typically, teething begins around the 6-12 month mark. But don’t worry too much if your child starts teething slightly sooner

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How to stop your child from biting

12 March 2022

Biting is a troubling topic for many parents. And although it is relatively common amongst young children and toddlers, it is still greatly stigmatised.
So to help break the stigma, we are unpacking all things biting. We will explore the common causes of biting, how to stop your child from biting and how to prevent biting in the future.
So, without further ado, let’s dig in:
What causes children to bite?
If you want to learn how to stop your child from biting, you must first understand why they are biting.
The truth is children bite for a whole host of reasons. Sometimes, it can

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3 Easy Steps to Teach Your Child Kindness

8 February 2022

We often regard kindness as more of a trait than a skill – but why can’t it be both? If you’re stuck wondering how to teach your child kindness, don’t panic because we’ve listed our 3 favourite ways to encourage kindness and generosity. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve listed a whole bunch of random acts of kindness for you to try out too!
So, in the spirit of kindness week, here are our favourite ways to teach children kindness:
1. Lead by example
From their first words to their first steps – many of the skills our children develop are learned by

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How to Connect with Your Child Using Their Love Language

4 February 2022

Every relationship relies on the five love languages. They allow us to communicate our emotions whilst highlighting how we (individually) like to express and receive love. So why are they important?
Once you understand your child’s preferred love language, you’re able to express your affections in a way that benefits them the most. (Think of it as a ranking system – once you know which love language is #1, you can focus on that, rather than wasting your efforts on #5.)
Throughout this article, we will discuss how to identify each love language before exploring how to nurture your child based upon

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