5 Valuable Life Skills that Children Learn Through Age Appropriate Chores

14 May 2019

Following on from our recent blog “Age appropriate chores for children to help them learn valuable life skills,” we now wanted to focus on the valuable life skills that they learn through doing such chores.
No matter what age your children are, there are always tasks that you can assign them to not only help make family life run smoother but to help them grow up to be productive members of society too.
If you think giving children chores is mean or that your children wouldn’t help you put their toys away or wipe down the kitchen counters in

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The Secret to Throwing a Kid’s Party on a Budget

As parents, we would do anything for our children, including but not limited to hosting big birthday parties. Have you ever transformed your whole house into a magical fairyland or pirates den? Have you ever had to coordinate taking a massive group of children out for a meal and then to the cinema? We’ve all been there and we’ve all done it, even when we’ve had to break the bank to do so.
When it comes to parties, costs add up fast. Our secret? They don’t have to! Here are 11 budget-savvy ways that you can throw a great kid’s party

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9 Tell-tale Signs of a Tired Baby

10 April 2019

A tired baby drops off right to sleep when you soothe them. An overtired baby fusses and fights sleep to the point where you feel physically exhausted when they finally close their eyes. If you’re like us, it’s safe to assume that you much prefer the first scenario! In this blog, we help you recognise when you’re baby is tired so that you can avoid the latter and make the former situation your norm.
Learn to read your baby’s signs
As babies can’t talk, their body language and cries are how they communicate.
It’s really important for parents to recognise the behavioural cues

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Essential Easter Egg Hunt Tips for Parents

It’s that time of year again where traditions are made and the kids are excited (even without the chocolate!). If you’re a family that partakes in the annual Easter Egg Hunt, we’d love to share with you our best tips for parents. Not only do they make hunting a lot more fun but they make them a lot easier for you too! Start making a unique annual tradition for your family with these egg hunting tips.
Tip 1: Use different coloured eggs
If you have more than one child, it’s a good idea to colour-code which eggs they have to find. Not

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The Importance of Using Positive Language Around Your Children

30 March 2019

Negative language can greatly impact children and you as parents in a bad way, so this article aims to address why it’s important to use positive language and how to do it.
Negative language creates stress for both you and your children
After a long day at work when you’re making dinner and your children are full of energy, it can be really tempting to use words such as ‘stop doing that’ or ‘don’t say that’ or ‘leave your brother/sister alone’ but what this is doing is actually creating more stress.
For your children, negative language like this creates confusion for them. They

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Age Appropriate Chores for Children to Help Them Learn Valuable Life Skills

9 March 2019

No matter how young or old your children are, they love to help around the house. Not only do they feel a sense of pride from their accomplishments but they also feel a great deal of satisfaction from being a contributing member of the family.
Next time something needs to be done around the house, think about whether it’s a task that your little ones would like to help you with. Here is a list of age-appropriate chores that you can ask your children to assist with and it will help them learn valuable life skills too!
Ages 2-3
Although it might

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How to Teach Your Children about Love and Kindness

16 February 2019

Understanding love can be challenging for children, not to mention for us as parents, so how can we teach it if we don’t really understand it ourselves? The trick is to not focus on the quality of love itself as it can encompass so many things; kindness, empathy, friendship, and generosity just to name a few.
The best way we can ‘teach’ our children about love is to model it ourselves and to nurture these qualities as the opportunities arise. Here are a few ways that you can indirectly teach your children about love and kindness every day.
Be a role model

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How to Build a Positive Parenting Connection

26 January 2019

It’s incredibly hard being a parent. Even when actual parents are telling you how difficult it is before you have your own children, it’s easy to brush this off thinking that it can’t be that bad. Flash forward to a day where everything seems to have gone wrong – work has been stressful, you pick your children up from school and they are miserable, you spend time making dinner that they don’t eat it, and then they are screaming, refusing to go to bed – all of a sudden, you know exactly what those parents were warning you about and

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Why it is Essential to Encourage a Growth Mindset in Your Children

10 January 2019

We all know about mindset. As adults, we hear about how important mindset is in both daily life and business, especially when it comes to getting through the hard times, but we tend to struggle with it. Why? Because it’s hard to change your mindset when you’ve thought a certain way for many years, it’s hard to change habit. This is why we need to teach our children about positive mindsets from a young age, so we can help them grow into stronger people in the future. Here is why this is so essential and how you can encourage a

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How to Conquer the 5 Biggest Potty Predicaments

24 December 2018

Following on from our previous blog “12 Common Potty Training Problems (and Solutions!),” we are going to look into the top 5 most common potty training problems to delve a little deeper. Why are these the most common problems and what can I do to help my toddler overcome them? Here is everything you need to know to conquer the 5 biggest predicaments when it comes to potty training.
#1 They will not go in the potty
Why it’s a problem: children can typically be physically ready to use the potty, meaning that they recognise when they need to use the

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