The Secrets to Handling Toddler Tantrums like a Pro

31 August 2018

Living with young children can sometimes feel like you’re walking delicately across a tantrum minefield. One wrong step and there’s crying and screaming, falling down, kicking, biting, hitting, or throwing things. Something that didn’t set them off one day, may set them off on another, and this can go on for months and yes, it is as exhausting as it sounds.
Tantrums are extremely common in toddlers and preschoolers. It doesn’t mean that your child is badly misbehaved, this is just how young children deal with difficult feelings and emotions that they don’t understand yet. It’s essential in your role as

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12 Tips to Soothe Your Crying Baby

15 August 2018

It’s tough when your baby won’t stop crying. Worries fill your head like “is there actually something seriously wrong with them?” ,  “am I doing something wrong?” or “I don’t know what to do and I’ll never connect with my baby.” If you’ve been in this situation, don’t worry, it’s normal. Crying is just your baby’s way of trying to communicate with you, so it’s all about recognising their type of cry and using the right techniques to soothe them.
This will take time and patience for you both, but to help you stay as calm and in control, here are

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How to Create a Daily Routine that Works for Your Family

27 July 2018

Following on from our last article “Why Routines are Important for Your Child’s Well Being,” we are now exploring the How so you can apply it to your everyday life at home.
First things first, we do have to tell you that there is no magical solution; there is no perfect routine that we can hand every family and life will become perfect.
Like everything in life (especially when there are children involved), creating an environment that is almost perfection takes a lot of time, effort, patience, and time and error. What will work for one family won’t work for another,

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Why Routines are Important for Your Child’s Well Being

13 July 2018

You may be putting off creating a routine for your children, but trust us when we say that it is worth the effort.
Although a routine requires structure and consistency (and a whole lot of patience), all of which are difficult to achieve in everyday life, once you have established one that caters for the needs of every family member, you will see huge improvements in all aspects of your home life.
As well as massive improvements in the moods and sleep of everyone at home, routines are also important for the well being of our children. Here are some of

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The Secrets to Soothing a Teething Baby to Sleep

29 June 2018

We’ve all heard the stories of teething babies, the non-stop cries of discomfort, lack of sleep, and the nights filled with restless walking to try and soothe them. As parents, this is enough to give us nightmares. But it shouldn’t.
All babies are different. This means that they can start any time, display symptoms months before they actually begin to teeth or only right before the tooth emerges. If you’re lucky, they can even be teething angels and you haven’t known that they have been teething until you can see their first pearly whites.
Whatever your situation, there are a few

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How to Master Potty Training: the Ultimate Guide

13 June 2018

Potty training is a milestone in your child’s development, a moment of celebration (that your child has accomplished a big thing and for the end of changing nappies!); this moment should be eagerly anticipated for, not dreaded by parents.
To help you get through it in a breeze, we’ve put together this ultimate guide so that both you and your children can become masters of the potty!
WHEN to start potty training
“Typically, children will start potty training between 18 and 30 months old.”
There’s no set time on when you should start potty training your child because everyone is different. Some children

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How to Encourage Your Child to Get Involved

28 May 2018

While children can be quite talkative in the privacy of their own homes, it’s not uncommon for them to be quiet in social situations in the outside world; this shyness can just be in their nature or it can be their anxiety of new people or situations getting in the way. Whatever the reason, shyness isn’t necessarily a bad thing in itself but it should be addressed if it is keeping your children from fully relaxing and enjoying being young.
If you find that your child refuses to join in with social situations, clings to you or cries or hides

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How to Prepare Your Child (and Yourself!) for School Separation Anxiety

14 May 2018

Is your child starting nursery or school soon? Are you fretting about this day instead of enjoying the anticipation and excitement of this upcoming milestone?
If you answered yes to both of these questions, don’t worry. Many parents and children are in the exact same position as you.
For children, the main source of anxiety around starting nursery or school is that they don’t know what to expect, whereas, with parents, the separation anxiety for them stems from the worry that their child will feel abandoned.
To help you both ease your separation anxiety, it is all about preparing for it; here

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How to Develop a Peaceful Bedtime Routine

30 April 2018

Many parents dread the time of day when it’s time to wrestle the kids to bed. When children resist going to sleep, the house is filled with whining and screams of “no” and “I don’t want to” where every step of brushing their teeth, putting on their pyjamas and finally getting them into bed is a battle. It’s no surprise that parents fall onto the couch after the war exhausted thinking of where the evening has gone. But it doesn’t have to be like this.
Whether you may believe it or not, a relaxing and peaceful bedroom routine is possible and

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7 Common Nursery Worries and How to Overcome Them

15 April 2018

When our little ones are going to nursery or school for the first time, it can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. For parents, there are worries about how your child will cope away from you and if they’ll make friends, and for our children, they may have a lot of worries as they have so many new things that they will be facing.
While it may be tempting to succumb to this worry, it is really important that parents keep things positive and express excitement for nursery or school (even if they don’t feel that way), and if your child

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